Day 1 Guide For Players Who Want To Win Fast

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I know that we are all new but I am writing this guide to help any Day 1 players who are just getting started and want to win some games.

Who should you start to play with?

It is not so much that any of the legends are hard to learn, it’s that you should learn to play one character well.  It is important if you plan to win to read the skills on the Legends tab of the main menu.  If you take that one legend and master it, you will be on your way to winning games.  And don’t be afraid to experiment until you find your legend – you’ll know it when you find it.  I would also recommend taking a minute to play the tutorial as it will give you a head start moving into the game.

Use your skills and ultimate

If you are coming from playing Fortnite, you may feel me here but I could not remember to use my ultimate in my first few games. Learn the skills and ultimate ability. Most abilities recharge in a short time and are useful in a variety of situations.

Take the time to learn the inventory system

Learning to manage your inventory is an important part of every Battle Royale game and Apex Legends is no different.  It is important to know what type of ammo your guns use.  Fortunately, the developers made a clever choice to help us out here as the ammo is color coded in your inventory.  Your space is limited, so only keep the ammo you need in your inventory. On top of this, get to know which guns are the best. and you should probably read over the Weapons Basics.


Keep a supply of supply of shield and life consumables

You can use these to keep your shield and life up to keep you in the battle longer.  Don’t be afraid to use them in the heat of battle by sneaking around a corner or over a wall before launching another attack.  Keep your body armor topped off whenever you can.

Learn how to use the slide efficiently

If you do not know how to slide, you should learn to use it.  It gives your legend a lot of momentum and let’s you zoom down hills.  You can do a slide by moving forward and squatting while you are going downhill.  You can use it both offensively and defensively.  Also, quick tip – running with nothing in your hands makes you move even faster.

Use the pinging system frequently

The pinging system is a great addition to Apex Legends.  You should be using it frequently to communicate where they may be enemies, to coordinate plans, or even to let your team know that you need ammo.  You can let them know you need ammo by going into your inventory and pinging it in there.

Be creative with your surroundings

There are a lot of interactions with the environment that can give you good offensive and defensive maneuvers.  You can climb over walls to sneak up behind someone or jump over when you need to run.  You could even hang there to scope out an area.  You can lock somebody out of a door or block it with Caustic’s skill– but beware, doors can be broken by kicking them twice.  Often, it is wise to have the high ground.  Use zip lines to move quickly across the map or to redeploy yourself at a high vantage point.  Lastly, you can be extremely creative with Pathfinder’s ability to zip line himself across the map, around objects and even onto opponents.

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