Everything You Need To Know About Heirlooms

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We have had many questions regarding the heirloom items in Apex Legends including whether they are real.  Well, good news — they are definitely real, and we have prepared this short guide for you so that you know what is going on with heirlooms.

What are heirlooms?

Heirlooms are hidden and extremely rare cosmetics.  They can’t be crafted using crafting metals and currently there is only one set of heirlooms and they are for Wraith.  The current set includes an exclusive skin, unique banner and an intro line.  We don’t know what these heirlooms may include in the future, but you can guess that they are likely to include any of the cosmetics.

How rare are these items?

According to Respawn’s developers, you have a less than 1% chance of getting heirloom items.  Don’t fret though, you are guaranteed to get a box that contains heirlooms after 500 Apex Packs (like the guaranteed legendary after 30 Apex packs).  After you have all the heirloom sets, you can’t have duplicates and won’t get this bad luck protection bonus. 

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