Movement Tricks That Will Step Up Your Game

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When it comes to Battle Royales such as Apex Legends, being able to be efficient with your movement is key.  The training mode may give a good overview of the basics but it doesn’t go in depth with a lot of movement tricks that you can use to step up your game.  Here are some tips to get you to the next level in Apex Legends.


When you are deploying, many players will initially drop straight down.  If you want to travel further and faster, Reddit user TheBigSm0ke has created an image to give you the right way to do this.


One of the most interesting features of Apex Legends are ziplines.  Most players know how to use ziplines, but did you know that if you holster your weapon that it will actually help you redeploy quicker?  When you are dropping, if you dive once in awhile around 130-145 it will get much further as well.  Jumping on a zipline can also make you much more difficult to hit and on top of that, you can also spin 180 degrees and turn around on the zipline to make it even more difficult.  You can also shoot while you are on the zipline.  If you get off the zipline, you can also slide downhill.


The addition of climbing to the game makes it so that you can vary your movements.  You can climb walls to sneak up behind players and even hang there to scout out an area.  To do this, you just need to stop climbing right before you vault to peek over the edge.  As with the ziplines, you can also climb faster if you put your weapon away.


Sliding gives players the ability to move at a much faster rate downhill; movement is also affected by putting your weapon away.  There are some other tidbits that many people do not know about sliding.  For example, you can heal while you are sliding.  You can get an even bigger push down the hill if you melee beforehand.  You can also let go of the forward movement button while you are sliding and you will not lose speed but gain the ability to look around. 

Movement Speed General Tips

All characters have the same movement speed so you will be able to outrun them if you put your weapon away.  Don’t be fooled by the fact that large characters appear to move slower, it is simply an illusion.  Their animation is just slower.

Walking is quieter than sprinting and if you have somebody else on the roof above you – you will be able to easily hear them.  Keep this in mind when you are trying to sneak up on someone as well!

Abilities that increase movement speed

There are many abilities in the game that increase movement speed.  Some examples are Wraith’s tactical ability and ultimate, Bloodhound’s ultimate, Bangalore’s passive ability and Mirage’s ultimate. 

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