Respawn Adapts With Blazing Speed To 25 Million New Users With Twitch Rivals And Upcoming Updates

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What a week it has been for Respawn! Over this past weekend, Apex Legends has extended it’s reach to 25 million users with up 2 million concurrent players at a time. The game took off immediately from launch as Twitch streamers picked up the game and haven’t put it down since.

The hype behind Apex Legends has been unreal. We have seen our own website pull in a lot of traffic from people looking to get to the top of their game and finding out all of the information that they can about the game. An even bigger shocker is how the esports community has evolved in this game so quickly.

Moving into this week, we have the Twitch Rivals tournament kicking off today! The Twitch Rivals tournament is paying out $200,000 as players like shroud, DrDisRespect, TSM Myth and DisguisedToast compete for the prize. You can watch the first part of the Twitch Rivals tournament starting today at 12:00 PM EST! The final part of the tournament will air on February 19th. You can tune in on the TwitchRivals channel on Twitch or just watch below!

Article continues below video and gives information regarding future updates.

Here are the team rosters for the tournament:

Source: Twitch

We are shocked at the pace that Respawn has moved to after having such a successful launch. The first tournament was scheduled in the first few days of the launch and while the servers had some stability issues to begin with, we have seen it improve.

Besides the Twitch Rivals tournament, we also received information regarding Apex Legends’ first event. It is a Valentine’s Day event and will have limited time only items. We don’t have the details yet on what these will be, but we will be posting them once we do.

They’ve also let the players know that they are listening, commenting that the next Apex Legends update will also address issues raised by it’s players but as of right now, we can only wonder what this means.

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