Apex Legends Has Terrible Networking Code

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A YouTube video titled Apex Legends Netcode Needs A Lot Of Work by Battle(non)sense set out to explore the reasons behind server stability issues and has concluded that the networking code in Apex Legends is a hot mess. In an update yesterday from Respawn Entertainment, the company asked for the help of users to get more information so that they can improve performance issues that are caused by Apex Legend’s massive influx of 25 million players.

In the video, Battle(non)sense dissects the data he is receiving from the servers. One way that he does this is by analyzing the ping data from the server, observing both the server and client send rates. As we can see from the diagram below, simply put — it is not at all stable and indicates that Respawn Entertainment has some work to do before these issues are solved.

Red – Server Send Rate (Updates per second), Green – Client send rate (Source: Battle(non)sense

One solution that Battle(non)sense brings up in the video is analyzing exactly what data the clients need to receive. As we can see from the graph, the server sends a lot of data at the beginning of the match but the way that Apex Legends does this is by sending a lot of small packets which requires higher downstream for the users.

For more details regarding the networking issues that are plaguing Apex Legends such as lag compensation, further optimizing the packets and more can be found in this video:

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