Legendary Items Bonuses

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There are many items in Apex Legends and so it can be a little difficult to keep track of everything. In this quick guide, we will talk about some unique benefits to legendary items that many players do not know about.

The legendary body shield is one such item. While many players know that the legendary shield will give you a 100 damage shield, the legendary shield has one other unique benefit. It has the ability to fully recharge itself after knocking down an enemy, making you much harder to kill if your aim is on point.

The legendary helmet also has a unique feature: it increases the charge speed of tactical and ultimate abilities! Besides this like other helmet, it gives a reduction to headshot damage and the orange helmet gives the largest reduction in headshot damage in the game.

The legendary knockdown shield, besides giving a 750 health shield after you get knocked down also gives the ability to self-ressurect. Giving you the ability to last longer in a fight after you have been knocked down, this shield can be a huge benefit. Since many people are not aware of this ability, you can often surprise people if you self-heal.

Lastly, the legendary backpack gives you 6 item spots but did you know that it also makes your healing items take less time to use? In fact, it is a large reduction — we are talking about half the amount of time. Really useful when you find yourself in a fire fight and need to take a second to heal.

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