Fans Are Raging Over Microtransactions

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Last year, EA spawned controversy over their pricing structure in Battlefront 2 and this time, the Apex Legend’s publisher is once again coming under fire for their microtransactions. Apex Legends microtransactions, while they are not nearly as bad as paying 70 bucks for Darth Vader on Starwars Battlefront, are quite high especially when you consider other Battle Royale pricing strategies.

While the game itself is free, many are getting upset for a few reasons.

Minimum Buy-In

The minimum amount that you can buy is $10 worth of coins, a little steep especially with keeping young gamers in mind. It is not uncommon for you to be able to purchase $5 worth of in-game currency or even individual items in other games with microtransactions

Hidden extra costs

Even if you spend $10, you will get 1000 coins. The problem with this? Legendary skins cost 1100 coins. This means you have to spend more money! On top of that, we are talking $11 for a single legendary skin. With that being said, people have gotten used to paying nearly $20 for Fortnite legendary skin.

Pay twice for a different color

Another problem with the pricing is that there are some skins that require other skins in order to purchase. This seems like an interesting choice but also makes these items quite expensive to say. One of the skins, while beautiful, is literally just a different color. This means you are paying twice just to have a different colored skin. Does this seem worth it to you?

Item choice limitations

The item selection is also limited at the current moment and many complaints have came in regarding the quality of the skins. There are a couple stand out skins but for the most part, there are a lot of skins that just look too similar to each other.

Do people really have a reason to be raging? After all, the game is free to play and it certainly is an excellent game for that price! On the other hand, having to purchase more coins for an extra buck seems ludicrous. What do you think?

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