New Legends Incoming?

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We have gotten news of many new Legends potentially being added to the game.  Multiple leakers have found data about two new Legends and there is evidence of even more than that!

The first two Legends to be discovered were:


We know that Octane has a Stimpack ability, which appears to mesh well with the Titanfall 2 Pilot ability.

A lot of data has been discovered inside of Apex Legends that has revealed new Legends incoming


The name suggests a robot or scientist but we do not know what either of these Legends may end up looking like.  He also has an ability called Tesla Trap, further leading to the theory.  Could it be like Caustic’s traps?

Other Characters:

On top of these Legends and their referenced abilities, we also know of other characters that are listed by name only and therefore, we cannot be 100% positive that they are Legends as they could be any other number of things:


Source: @ApexLeaksNew – Twitter

WOW!  What a list.  If this is true, it will be clear to us that Respawn Entertainment has invested a ton of time in developing the potentially new Legends.  How big do you think that the roster could potentially be for Apex Legends?  We are excited to find out as Apex Legends recently announced an incoming update next week.

Update: We may see Octane in Week according to GamingIntel

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