Item Shop – 02/19

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Here is what is going on in the item shop today!

Featured Items:

  • Through the Heart (Skin) — Longbow (Epic) —
  • 1100 Apex Coins
  • Love of the Game (Banner) — Pathfinder (Legendary) — 1100 Apex Coins
  • The Alternative Remedy (Skin) – Alternator (Legendary) — 1,800 Apex Coins
  • Nitro Kustom (Devotion) – Devotion (Legendary) — 1,800 Apex Coins

Exclusive Items:

  • The Placebo Effect (Skin) – Alternator (Legendary) – 6,500 Legends Tokens (Requires: The Alternative Remedy)
  • The Fast Track (Skin) – Devotion (Legendary) – 6,500 Legends Tokens (Requires: Nitro Kustom)

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