Three New Types Of GRENADES!

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We are dropping bombs as we uncover three new types of grenades that have been discovered hidden in the Apex Legends data. According to the Legends over at Gaming Intel, they have found information that suggests there will be a smoke grenade, the Ticks and the Orbital Strike.

The smoke grenade seems to be fairly straight forward as we can see that it will cover an area in smoke similar to Bangalore’s tactical ability. This seems like a great addition but the first thought that most will ask is — what will happen to Bangalore? We are curious to see if this Legend will be getting some changes in the future as all Legends will have the ability to create a cloud of smoke with the smoke grenades.

For fans of Titanfall 2, you will likely remember Ticks. In fact, for all of the newcomers, you can already see Ticks inside of Apex Legends! They are the robots that you can shoot that will drop loot when they explode. However, the leak suggests that these Ticks will be a bit more deadly as we can see the description from the localization file that was leaked. Ticks are an
automated drone that seeks nearby targets before exploding.

The last is Orbital Strike and judging from the description of the grenade, it will rain down rockets from the sky similar to Bangalore and Gibraltar. One thing is for sure, this will make an explosive impact! However, again, we see that Bangalore could potentially also be impacted by this choice as that means that TWO of her abilities can potentially used by anybody — we assume at a smaller level, but only time will tell.

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