UI Improvements For Apex Legends

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The explosion of Apex Legends has already led to a few improvements in the game.  The last two updates have mostly been updates to fix server stability.  In the future, we hope to see more content updates – like the one that added the Havoc gun!  Players have made suggestions for improving UI components that could improve gameplay and the look and feel of the game.  Let’s take a look at some of the best UI improvements that players have suggested that we believe could add a lot of much needed features.

Statistics are something that Apex Legends is lacking in quite heavily.  Players would love to see improvements on this front and there have been a ton of buzz on social media for improving in-game statistics.  Good news for you, we will be adding player stats to our website within the next few days!  Our first suggestions would add improvements to statistics that would

The second suggestion we will cover is to add a UI component that will show you what guns your team mates are using.  While you can currently ping needed ammo, this improvement would make it much easier to help your team mates and would also help you strategize on the fly.

Another option, if Respawn did not want to show the guns on the screen would be to show the ammo type on your team’s health and shield bar:

One suggestion is to hide unowned skins – a minor change that would help players out quite a bit to easily filter through which skins they own.  This is a needed change because as the game grows, more skins will take up this screen and the endless scroll could be quite annoying.

Our last suggestion includes adding a special banner if you are the kill leader! We think that the kill leader deserves a little flair! Check out this design:

As we can see, there are many improvements that could potentially be made to Apex Legends to add better functionality to the game – maybe in the future we could see some of these changes implemented.  What suggestions do you have to improve Apex Legends?

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