Massive Leak Reveals New Weapons, New Vehicles and New Game Mode

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Our exclusive dataminer has discovered many new interesting things inside of the Apex Legends data files. There are many new things suggesting new weapons, new game modes, new vehicles and more.

We previously reported on Vortex Grenades and have found more information suggesting that the Vortex Grenades may be part of a new game mode that would involve Titans. The confirmation of Titans is almost undoubtable as well as there are many particle files referenced towards them. However, we are unsure if Vortex Grenades will actually be able to be used by players as they may involve something called a “Vortex Titan.” What this Vortex Titan is is yet to be determined but it is currently labeled in the particle files as a weapon.

We also see other interesting information inside of the leak with weapon references to rockets, EMPs, Double Take, Laser Mines, Laser Cannons, Arc Cannons, Drones and more.

There are references to many new types of vehicles inside of this file as well — such as “Draconis,” “Gunships,” “Carriers,” “Lagoons,” “Trucks,” “Coop Harvesters” and more.

Other interesting things inside of the file suggests that we will see vehicles exploding. There are also many references to turrets inside of the game and we expect that this may all be involved with a potential new game mode called “Frontier Defense” which uses the previously described Coop Harvesters, Sentries, EMPs and Turrets. With the data that we have seen inside of this file, we are inclined to believe that this will be some sort of resource gathering mode or map that has vehicles as well! Check out information about Titanfall’s Frontier Defense here.

Of course, we can’t be certain that any of this information will be used but the files are there and referenced. However, the code is also littered with references to code that is re-used from Titanfall.

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