Item Shop Update – 02/25/19

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The Apex Legends Store updated tonight, adding a new Mirage skin to the mix. The Item Shop is ooccasionally updated around 9pm EST. We are here to bring you the details!


  • The Revenger (Legendary Mirage Skin) – 1,800 Apex Coins
  • Warp Zone (Legendary Mastiff Skin) – 1,800 Apex Coins
  • Void Specialist (Legendary Wraith Skin) – 1,800 Apex Coins
  • Imperial Warrior (Legendary Bloodhound Skin) – 1,800 Apex Coins


  • Airship Assassin (Legendary Wraith Skin) – 6,500 Legends Tokens (Requires: Void Specialist)
  • Great Winter (Legendary Bloodhound Skin) – 10,500 Legends Tokens (Requires: Imperial Warrior)

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