100,000 Players Infected With Malware

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Security researcher, Lukas Stefanko, released a tweet warning players of Apex Legends to be careful of links inside of YouTube videos. Due to the popularity of Apex Legends, one video on YouTube received over 600,000 views and 100,000 downloads over 5 days — a mobile Android APK download that he says contains malware. The video has since been removed but not before the massive influx of users who were infected with the virus.

Keep an eye out for downloads on YouTube and be safe installing anything that has not been scanned. Mobile APKs should always be met with skepticism if they’re not on the official Google Store. The virus claimed that it was a mobile version of Apex Legends, an attractive offer for players of the game who want to play on the go. No wonder it was so enticing! Maybe in the future we could see a mobile version of Apex Legends but currently, nothing has been announced.

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