Player Spotlight: MrSimpleOG

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He is live now, check him out:

With more players being signed to large eSports organizations, scouts are constantly on the lookout for up and coming players. With large streamers like Shroud, Ninja and DrDisrespect playing, it can be easy to miss players that could be scouted. This week’s player spotlight covers a player that may have missed your radar, former world record holder MrSimpleOG. He can be found streaming on Twitch and frequently uploads to  YouTube.

Players may remember MrSimpleOG from his world record of 34 kills in a single game out of the 57 players (after you account for him and his team). That means he killed a whopping 59.6% of the players on the field. You can check out the video here:

But that’s not all, MrSimpleOG constantly wows fans on his stream with amazing plays like this:

After spending some time hanging out on MrSimpleOG’s stream, you will quickly realize that since he is a relatively undiscovered talent that he gives a lot of attention to his fans. He frequently streams playing with his followers, often carrying them to victory.

All around, MrSimpleOG is a top tier player and an all-around stellar guy and that’s why he is this week’s player of the week!

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