Respawn Patch and Weekly Check-In (Hitboxes, Skydiving, Bugs and more discussed)

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Yesterday’s Update

Respawn gave a quick update last night for PC to address a Twitch Prime Glitch. This glitch was allowing people to obtain the Twitch Prime Rewards even if they did not have Twitch Prime.

Respawn’s Weekly Community Check-In

A community manager, Jayfresh, created a Reddit post detailing a number of issues and giving insight into some of Apex Legend’s future. The weekly update covers 4 topics including hitboxes, skydiving, patches and the metagame. It’s clear that Respawn is looking at a number of issues and is paying close attention to the community.


The issue of hitboxes was first brought to light when YouTubers and Reddit users noticed a large discrepancy in hitboxes. There is a huge difference in the hitboxes of the Legends, for example, you will notice that Gibraltar (the largest hero) is a massive 140% larger than Wraith (the smallest hero). During playing of the game, this can make a huge impact as heroes like Wraith and Lifeline can be difficult to pin down.

In the update, Jayfresh comments that Respawn is aware of the issue and are working on a fix for it.

Source: u/SirAelic

Skydiving too far

Another hot topic that Jayfresh commented on was skydiving. There were a number of tricks posted that allowed player’s to skydive much further than what was intended, for example, super gliding. Some skydiving issues have already been hotfixed but others remain unpatched. Respawn also commented here that this was unintended and is being worked on by the dev team.

Patches (Server Patches vs Client Patches)

In the post, Jayfresh also detailed information regarding the differences between server side patches or “hotfixes” and client patches. According to Respawn, their patching system utilizes both. Server side patches are able to be launched without removing access for the players. You will notice that this hotfixing allows Respawn to make changes on the fly. He mentions that these are normally playlist or script changes. Client patches, however, require updates to the client and therefore take longer for the company to roll out. Client patches would include larger game updates such as content releases, fixing bugs or making big changes to the game. They also must go through a certification process for Respawn to be able to roll out the changes to all platforms. He states that this process is one reason why some bug fixes can take longer to roll out.


It’s clear from the post that Apex Legends’ metagame is being monitored closely. There have been a number of player suggestions that have focused on improving the metagame. Many heroes are much more powerful and used more frequently (such as Wraith — perhaps partially due to her small hitbox and top end skills). While others, such as Caustic, have weaker skills and a large hitbox. Jayfresh mentions that in the coming weeks that balance changes are coming to address these issues.

Crashing on PC

In the post, Jayfresh goes into detail about the massive amounts of crashes that have been reported on PC. It seems clear that part of the issue has to do with nVidia’s graphics card. Respawn has been going through thousands of reports and understands the frustrations of the users. The issue stems from the fact that all of the different hardware configurations make some crashes difficult to reproduce. If you are having issues, you should check out EA’s official troubleshooting guide for the game.

Why do some bugs take longer to fix?

There has been quite a few bugs that have been mentioned by players. Respawn has been inconsistent about which bugs that they are fixing and also when they release a fix for it. In the Reddit thread, Jayfresh mentions that he noticed that players were upset that bugs such as the aforementioned Twitch Prime bug were fixed almost right away but other issues have taken more time. Players wanted to know the reason why and Jayfresh simply stated that some issues take longer, that all bugs are a priority and that there are a large number of bugs currently being worked on.

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