Respawn Streaming Huge Announcement Soon

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Fans have been going wild with anticipation, wondering what we could potentially find out about what may be coming out in Apex Legends. We first found out about this from a Reddit Post. When they go live (suspected March 12th), you can check it out right here:

Last night on Reddit, the developers posted an update, showing off their office and also posting their new equipment to stream. It was revealed earlier that when they got their new equipment, they would also be announcing huge changes coming to the game. These events are obviously tied together! In the comments of this post, fans immediately predict the battle pass.

Many people are expecting an announcement of a Battle Pass and there is also a good possibility of new legends and weapons as well. According to leaks from dataminers, we can expect to potentially see the hero Octane.


More information suggesting Octane and a potential release date of March 12th was found here and provided these images as proof:

We may also see new weapons such as the L-Star, as a lot of things have already been datamined for it — check it out.

Check out GamingIntel’s capture of the skin

Here are the stats datamined for it.

L-Star EMG

AmmoEnergy Ammo
Mag Size60
Tactical/Full Reload3.26s/3.26s
Body/Head/Leg DMG21/42/???
Fire Rate (SPS)12
Att. SlotsUnknown
(presumably Auto)
Projectile Speed18000
Draw Time0.55s
Max Headshot Distance2500

What else could we see? Solo, duos and squads, 3 new grenades including potentially sticky bombs and vortex grenades. We could see survival mode or frontier mode as well!

Edit: I made a major mistake about the streaming date — while we do not know when they will be streaming, we do know that they will be streaming the update when it comes.

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