How To Win More Melee Fights

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While it is obviously preferable to have a gun for battle, sometimes it just isn’t possible. Maybe you landed in an overcrowded zone or perhaps you have ran out of ammo for your gun. If that’s the case, don’t worry — these quick tips will give you an advantage in melee situations.

Many people do not know this but jump kicking is much faster than normal punching. Fans of Titanfill will know that if you are head-to-head with an opponent, using a jump kick is going to be the better option if you can land it. With that being said, jump kicks can be harder to land. Check out the video from u/orange0401 showing the difference in speed.

Another tip to increase kills is to begin hand-to-hand combat with a kick and then follow it up with a punch immediately. It is often much easier to land a kick and then a punch following it then it is to land multiple kicks in a row. In this way, you can get the upper hand quick.

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