Getting Rid Of The Cheating Plague

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Update: Respawn has banned more than 365,000 cheaters.

This week has seen a plague of aim bots, wall hacks and many other cheats destroying the game. The anti-cheat system that Apex Legends has implemented seems to miss quite a few of these cheats, leaving players with little options to deal with them. The result so far has been a large influx of posts on the official Apex Legends subreddit with video footage and screenshots of players, with a side of rage.

Screen capture of Apex Legends subreddit

How To Report Cheaters

So far, our only option is to report cheaters via EA’s website (an option that many people do not even know about). This leaves us with a large amount of unreported cheaters as the process is not common knowledge. Unfortunately, unless Respawn does something to report players in-game (a desperately needed solution) there seems to be no end in sight to the plague.

Solutions To The Cheating Problem

Players have come up with more clever solutions to the cheating epidemic besides in-game reporting. The best (and funniest) option was posted in this Reddit thread where the poster, u/RussianPandaOriginal, suggests that instead of banning cheaters, we should continue to allow them to queue — but with one caveat, they can only play against each other. We think this is a great idea as it’s likely that hackers will currently just create a new account (a problem due to Apex being free-to-play). If they were in a game and did not realize they were playing against cheaters, they would likely become frustrated but continue to waste time playing against cheaters. For multiple offenders, it means that they would likely give up after they had wasted a number of games doing this.

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