Is Apex Legend’s Hype Hurting The Game?

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With 50 million players joining in on the action in Apex Legends in the first month, we can say that fans have been HYPED for sure but this hype may be dying out. Recently, the game has suffered a significant drop in stream views on Twitch, leading some to think that maybe Apex Legends was over hyped. Of course, we do not believe this is true, but why could it be that we have seen such a significant drop so quickly?

Lack of Content Updates

Many people point to the release of Fortnite’s Season 8 Battle Pass combined with the lack of content updates for Apex Legends. One of the biggest issues raised by hardcore fanatics of Apex Legends has been that the content is getting stale. On top of this, Fortnite has taken two ideas from Apex Legends by adding respawning and pinging — two of the best features of Apex Legends. Respawn NEEDS to get a content update out and soon, before their momentum is lost.

Crashing and Cheating

And it’s not just the lack of content updates that has fans pulling back and tuning back into Fortnite (and other games). It’s also the crashes and cheaters. Both of which have plagued the game since it’s inception. Although the first two updates were mostly bug fixes, it may have been a wise idea for Respawn to give the fans a little taste of what their content updates may be like. Currently, we have no idea what could be coming or when (including Apex Legend’s Battle Pass).

Communication Issues

Another sour point is that Respawn started out with strong communication to the community but the past week has seen communication dwindle. In prior weeks, we had weekly updates discussing the state of affairs but this update was missing this past weekend. Simply put, it was poor timing to have poor communication with the release of Fortnite’s Battle Pass. When shroud hinted that the Battle Pass may be coming on March 1st, social media went into a frenzy. With news of potential new legends, new weapons and a Battle Pass on the horizon, fans were ready to jump into the action and throw money at Respawn. Instead, we were met with silence.

The Bottom Line

So where does that leave us now? In the dark, in a game that grew (maybe) too fast, fans still have many unanswered questions and desires for the game. The huge player count within the first month is obviously an indicator that Respawn has done a lot of things right. Vince Zampella has pointed out that it has only been a month and to be patient. It appears to us at Apex Legends Insider that Respawn appears to be quite busy making sure that everyone can play the game first and that content is coming (after all, we may not have the Battle Pass yet but we do know that it is coming this month). Here at Apex Legends Insider, we will be patient and wait to see where the cards fall. What about you?

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