Respawn’s Strategy For High Quality Updates

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Respawn has given us a lot of details about what the future updates in Apex Legends will be like. We have found out many things from the developers. In this article, we are going to give you an eagle eye overview of what you can expect from the team in terms of updating and balances.

Types of Updates

Respawn has confirmed two different types of updates:

  • Server-side updates (Hotfix): These updates will affect only the server and will mostly be balance changes, like the most recent update. When these updates are applied, you will not notice anything.
  • Client-side updates (Patches): These updates will require the players to update their client and will be used when adding more content. They will also fix bugs that require changes to the client.

Balance Philosophy

In the most recent update, Respawn gave us a great look into how they decide what to balance in the game. Respawn Community Manager, Jayfresh, said it best, “A core philosophy of our development process for Apex Legends is to listen to player feedback, parse through all the data we get from the game, try things, and then playtest them a ton to get them just right. And… repeat. The goal is to ship polished, closer to the mark updates than if we got things out rapidly and iterated in the live environment. “

This philosophy has been clear from the launch of Apex Legends. Apex Legends was released as a polished game with no inclinations that it was even going to exist. The first balances that were made to this game were also much needed changes that the community had been pushing for.

Because of this philosophy, we can expect high quality updates but there is one trade off and Respawn has been clear about it, this means that their updates will not be as frequent as other games.

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