Respawn Weekly Check-In – 3/08/19

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Respawn gave a check-in yesterday, filling players in on what is going on in the Apex community. This week, they discussed cheating, advertisements during character check in, crashes and the player suggested reconnect feature.


Cheating has been a hot topic in the Apex Legends community and Respawn has been all over it. This week, they announced that they banned 355,000 players using their Easy-Anti-Cheat software. They will also be adding the ability to report players on PC. This should help catch cheaters who are using Easy-Anti-Cheat bypasses by allowing the community to send reports as well (at least for PC). In the future, we hope that this feature will be extended to other systems as well.

Advertisements during Character Select

Many players are experiencing advertisements followed by the “player” that is advertising dropping the group. It happens with a high frequency and is something that Respawn is aware of and working on fixing.


Great news! Many players who are crashing will notice that crashes have stopped, particularly users who use Nvidia graphics cards. If you are still having issues with crashing, make sure you update your Nvidia drivers.


Unfortunately, players who have been suggesting a reconnect feature are going to be disappointed as Respawn has explicitly stated that this feature will not be added to the game due to the potential for abuse.

Check out the full thread from Reddit below:

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