Ninja Made 1 Million Dollars For Apex Legends

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When Apex Legends was launched, part of the reason it was so successful was due to it’s popularity among top streamers.  It was disclosed that multiple streamers were paid for their involvement in Apex Legends. What we have never heard before is how much money is being exchanged in these sponsorship deals. In a news article on Reuters, details have been obtained that say that mega streamer Ninja made $1 million dollars for promoting Apex Legends.

Ninja isn’t the only one making money

Ninja is known for his eccentric style and personality and is the largest streamer on Twitch with over 13 million followers.  As Twitch has taken over as a major contender in the video game space, it is no surprise that companies would reach out to these players in order to gain exposure for their brands. While representatives of neither EA or Ninja did not comment, it was obviously a savvy business move.  We are curious to know how much other streamers such as Shroud were also paid for their involvement in promoting Apex Legends.

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