Mirage Decoy Guide – Grandmaster Bamboozling

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If you are a fan of Mirage and want to step up to becoming a Grandmaster Bamboozler ™, then we have some tips and tricks for you! In this guide, we will showcase several next level techniques for Mirage’s Decoy. This skill may be one of the most versatile skills in the game with virtually unlimited usages. Many players do not know the full extent to which decoy can be used, so we are here to fill in the gaps.

You can slide while using Decoy

One of the niftiest tricks is the fact that you can slide and then cast decoy. When you do this, it can lead to some pretty unexpected results. You can also use it while crouching which will creep your decoy slowly. Watch Reddit user u/GrizzlySuspect pull off a sick kill using this technique and implement it into your game.

Decoy can alert you to Caustic’s location

When you are playing against a Caustic, if you see his noxious gas trap, you can send a decoy over to trigger it AND as a bonus, you will be alerted to the location of the enemy Caustic. Some bonus information, this can also be used against thermite bombs and air strikes to alert you of where the enemy is! Check it demonstrated in this video by Reddit user u/liltenhead:

You can use Decoy while gliding

If you cast Decoy while you are gliding, you will create a decoy that will glide in whichever direction you are facing. This is useful from both the drop ship at the beginning of the game and from re-deploying after using the balloons.

Bottom Line — Mirage’s Decoy is extremely versatile.

As you are noticing, decoy can be used in a wide range of situations (although, not all of them are useful — for example, you decoy on a zipline but the decoy will fall off). Using it while you are healing can give you crucial time needed to get back into the fight. Reddit user u/TJ_is_OP shows off many clever uses of decoy in this video, including using it while healing up with a Phoenix Kit and of course, some next level bamboozling.

PSA: You can use Decoy to get out of work

Warning: Your results may vary.

Source: u/Shaher_Sd

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