Crafting Metals Instead Of Apex Packs in Battle Pass

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If you like having crafting metals and would rather have those instead of Apex Packs while leveling up your Battle Pass, there is a trick that you can use. Players have found that if you change your Origin account region to Belgium that you will get crafting metals instead of the Apex Packs you would normally get while leveling up. This trick works because Belgium has gambling laws that prohibit loot boxes.

This trick may not work for long as EA may block this trick since it has been exposed. Another trick that may be useful is that if you sign-up for the one month subscription to EA access, the Battle Pass will be half off. This trick does not work for PS4. For 2,800 Apex coins instead of the standard 950 coins, you can also pick up 25 free levels.

Respawn has gained some criticism for their Battle Pass, with the chief complaint being that there are too many trackers. The price point of the Battle Point is on par with other games such as Fortnite. Another criticism is that Respawn does not have challenges. However, Respawn has also stated that in the future, they will be adding challenges to future battle passes. The Battle Pass was released under pressure from gamers who had been let down twice by information that suggested that it was coming on March 1st and then March 12th.

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