Apex Legends Patch Notes – 3/22/19

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Here are the latest patch notes for Apex Legends. The patch is a client update aimed at fixing a bug that was causing PC players to crash. This fix was a highly needed fix that many players have been asking for since the release of the game. If you are still crashing, you should contact Respawn!

A patch for PC is live now that includes a fix that when we tested locally, improved stability and you will need to update the client to grab it.

This is progress, but we don’t expect this patch to be the end all solution for all the crashes and we still have work to do. There are still some issues we’re seeing from the reports that we’re continuing to investigate to understand and address:

  • Other crashes we’ve seen are related to out-of-memory issues. This is much less common. It’s not clear yet whether this is a memory leak in Apex or an improperly configured PC.
  • There may be other, rarer crashes still to fix that we just haven’t identified yet.

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